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Maintenance and maintenance of bathroom stone

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The decoration of the bathroom can be simple or luxurious, but for large-sized rooms, it is obvious that the latter is definitely a better decoration design than the former. We living in reinforced concrete are busy every day. However, if you can take a good bath when you return home, it will not only relieve stress, but also benefit your health. Use bridge cutter soft furnishings to create a bathroom atmosphere. Using soft furnishings in the bathroom can enhance the artistic atmosphere of the bathroom.


With the improvement of people's living standards, laying marble or granite and other natural stones in bathrooms has gradually become a fashion. People generally like to use marble as the block cutter decorative countertop of the washbasin, while the floor and wall of the bathroom are decorated with relatively high-end natural stone to add a touch of elegance to the bathroom.

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However, because the bathroom has the specific function of taking a bath, there is a lot of water vapor, and the laid stone is easily polluted if it is improperly maintained. Therefore, marble once you choose a certain stone to decorate your bathroom, you flaming machine must design a complete maintenance plan in advance to ensure that the stone maintains a natural and beautiful appearance for a long time and extends its service life. The granite maintenance program should include cleaning bridge cutter and disinfection of bacteria and mold from the stone surface. At the same time, the cleaning agent should not corrode the surface of the stone and prevent the regeneration of mold


For the cement mortar gap in the bathroom, the cleaning operation procedure is as follows:


1. First clean the entire area to be cleaned.


2. Dilute a non-irritating, non-acid, penetrating stone cleaning agent in a certain proportion, and then apply the diluent to the surface of the gap.


3. Let it stay for a few minutes so that the cleaning solution can penetrate into the gap.


4. Use a soft brush to scrub the gap, and then immediately use a soft cloth or wet suction method to clean the remaining cleaning fluid on the surface of the gap.


5. Use a neutral stone cleaning agent with a pH of 7 to immediately scrub the surface.