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Causes of hollow stone on the ground

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1. Sawing the surface problem

In principle, the backside of the stone should be cut into a rough or rough surface. For example, in "The Stone Kingdom" Italy has always used sand saw to saw the backside of the stone. However, diamond saws are widely marble cutting machine used in China to saw the back of the stone into a smooth surface. The adhesion of the smooth surface is much lower than that of the rough surface, which hand cutting machine can easily cause hollowing.

2. Bottom surface protector problem

The protective agent for the bottom surface of the stone is special: one is to achieve the protective effect; the other is to not reduce marble polishing machine the bonding force of the stone and cement. Improper selection of protective agent will also cause the sheet to detach and form bridge saw a hollow drum.

3. Low-temperature environment construction

When paving in a low-temperature environment, the water molecules in the cement are in a solidified state and are not easy to volatilize. When stone saw the paving is finished and used, the temperature rise will cause the moisture to evaporate, leaving space and forming an diamond cutting machine empty drum.

4. Bonding material issues

The cement, adhesive, marble glue used on the ground does not meet the national standards, and the bonding force is not enough, which will cause the board to separate from the ground and cause slab cutter hollowing.

5. Foundation settlement and thermal expansion and contraction

The settlement of the foundation will form strong stress, causing the stone to fall off the ground, and it is easy to tiles cutting machine price cause damage and fracture.

If the stone is installed without a settling joint, the thermal expansion and contraction of the cement and stone will also cause the slab to separate and cause hollowing.

6. Installation process issues

This is the slab milling most common cause of hollow stone.