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Stone surface waxing process

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As we all know, the wax is organic. The shoe polish you usually use is a kind of wax. The wax is bright and has a good visual effect. It can cutting marble slab greatly improve the gloss of the stone surface when used on the surface of the stone.

However, the wear resistance of wax is marble cutting tools definitely not as high as that of the stone itself, and its gloss will disappear after a period of time. Therefore, it is not recommended to wax the ground. The wax is bright, but not wear-resistant.

Stone waxing mainly has the following shortcomings:

1. Wax is easy to absorb dust, so it needs to be removed with waxing water regularly and waxing is repeated. The wax water is a granite moulding machine strongly alkaline material, which has a certain destructive effect on the stone and the environment;

2. The wax is relatively low in wear resistance and hardness, and it is not strong enough to protect the stone. It needs to be waxed and marble saw maintained repeatedly;

3. Wax is an organic granite block cutting machine matter and has poor aging resistance, especially yellowing under light marble machines for sale conditions;

4. The reflectivity of stone and wax to light is quite different, and the waxed ground stone loses its natural concrete saw cutting machine texture.

Therefore, bright but not wear-resistant, is the biggest feature of waxing!