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Stone surface crystallization process

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The crystallization process is the most commonly used process for stone care at present, and its brightness and wear resistance are superior to waxing! At present, the main materials of crystallization are crystalline powder and crystallization agent. Although the materials are different, the crystallization principle is not much different! The so-called stone crystallization is to polish the surface of the stone with a material rich in a certain amount of acid, fused with resin components. The key link that crystal polishing can achieve is a chemical reaction and resin filling. The main component of marble is used marble machines carbonate. When it encounters acidic substances, a chemical reaction can occur. The uneven surface is etched, and then the resin composition is used to fill and optimize the gaps on the surface of the stone. The surface of the stone presents a bright and transparent effect.

Therefore, the crystallization process, also known as the crystal hardening process, can increase gloss and hardness! Under normal circumstances, the crystalline layer has neither high hardness nor high wear resistance of the stone structure itself! However, how difficult it is to grind the structure of the stone itself into a high light, especially at the construction site, is even more difficult! Therefore, the crystal best tile cutting machine hardening process is the most popular and practical at the moment!

However, this chemical treatment second hand granite cutting machines process has certain shortcomings. I need to remind everyone here:

1. Chemical crystallization, "chemistry" is its fatal deficiency. Chemical reactions and chemical materials are definitely harmful to the granite cutting equipment environment, people, and stone itself. Therefore, remind everyone to protect the environment and protect themselves when using the crystal hardening process!

2. Although the wear resistance of chemical grinding is higher than that of waxing, the crystalline layer is still a combination of organic matter and secondary minerals. It contains higher resin components and limestone cutting machines has lower wear resistance. It is easy to wear and lose gloss due to foot traffic. Repeated maintenance

3. In the daily use and maintenance process, the chemical crystal layer is prone to hydration reaction when exposed to water, causing tile cutting machines for sale loss of calcium and loss of gloss; and the crystal layer is prone to aging and loss of gloss under light conditions;

4. Various pollutants will corrode the crystal film and make it gradually lose its luster!