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Practical strategy for purchasing industrial sludge filter press

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The development of the economy also brings many environmental pollution problems, which is like a double-edged sword. In order to better protect the environment, experts vigorously advocate energy saving and emission reduction, clean production, green manufacturing, and important environmental protection equipment filter presses may usher in the peak of purchase. Industry insiders agree with this assertion, and the introduction of environmental protection policies will greatly increase market demand for filter presses. Here is the topic we are going to talk about today-purchase of sludge filter press!

In sludge treatment, the choice of sludge treatment equipment directly affects the sludge treatment effect, so how to choose a sludge filter press? So today, the editor of Xinyu Environmental Protection will teach you how to choose Quanzhou sludge filter press. Mainly consider the following aspects:

1. Operational automation

The automatic sludge filter press is very different from the old sludge filter press. First, it saves manual operation, ensures the accuracy of equipment operation, and can stably achieve a good sludge treatment effect. It replaces the old-fashioned automatic sludge filter press and solves the problems of manual sludge unloading and filter cloth cleaning, and difficult control of the sludge treatment cycle. In addition, the automatic sludge filter press will become more popular in the future, which is the development trend of the sludge treatment industry. When purchasing, you can choose according to your needs.

2. Sludge treatment cost

Currently, almost every enterprise has a sludge disposal project. In the project, sludge treatment equipment such as sludge filter presses and sludge treatment costs have become one of the main investments of each enterprise. Therefore, choose When buying a sludge filter press, you should not only look at the sludge filter press itself but also consider the cost of sludge treatment. For example, if the company uses a plate and frame filter press to process sludge, the daily cost 100-180 yuan. If the difference accumulates over the years, it may be that for some companies with hundreds of tons of large-scale sludge disposal projects, there will be a difference of millions in annual costs.

3. Sludge treatment efficiency

Efficiency is an important point that every company pays attention to. High efficiency can not only save time and cost but also save more costs for the company. However, in many sewage treatment plants or enterprises, since the speed of sludge production is not enough relative to the sludge treatment speed of the enterprise, there will be situations in which new sludge is produced before the old sludge is treated, resulting in sludge. Stacked situation. Therefore, when purchasing a sludge filter press, you need to choose a higher efficiency Xinyu environmentally friendly sludge filter press.

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