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An article gives you a comprehensive understanding of stone surface treatment methods

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In addition to giving people unique natural artistic visual effects through natural texture, stone can also create ever-changing visual feelings through various surface processing methods. Such rich changes are also one of the charms of stone.

Conventional surface treatment

1.Polished surface

The polished surface refers to the veneer made by rough grinding, fine grinding, and fine grinding of a flat plate with abrasives, and polishing with polishing powder and agent. The surface is as bright as a mirror, brightly colored, with few and small pores.



Matte surface means that the surface is flat, and the surface is less polished with resin abrasives. Its brightness is lower than the polished surface, generally around 30-60.




Fire-burning surface refers to the rough surface finish processed by using acetylene and oxygen as fuel or propane and oxygen as fuel, or using high temperature flame produced by liquefied petroleum gas and oxygen as fuel.