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The crack of natural marble is the charm

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Natural stone is a work of art created by nature. Marble is a mixture of various elements and minerals. After at least hundreds of millions of years of complex physical and chemical granite changes, coupled with the evolution of geological movements, the texture and color of marble are ever-changing.


Cracks refer to the small cracks in the rock, most of which are natural and ubiquitous in marble. With the increasingly mature processing technology, small cracks do not affect the quality block cutter and beauty of the stone. The National Building Materials Bureau splitting machine has issued industry standards for natural marble and granite.


A crack means that the length does not exceed 1/10 of the total length of the plate edge at both ends, and the crack with a length less than 20mm is ignored.


In fact, it is normal for natural stone to have cracks, because natural stone is a sedimentary rock, which is accumulated, compressed, and metamorphic layer by layer flaming machine over thousands of years. It is composed of various minerals and their arrangement is not so precise. The surface may be cracked.