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Ways to prevent stone mildew

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1. Maintain a certain degree of cleanliness on the surface of the stone.

Because there are many pores in the stone, some common stains in daily life such as sewage, tea, juice, and even oil can penetrate into granite slab cutting machine the stone through the pores of the stone, causing qualitative change and mildew.

2. Maintain the dryness of the stone surface.

Most of the growth of stone mold is related to water. In daily life, pay attention to ventilation. In relatively humid places such as kitchens and bathrooms, ensure that the liquid is removed in time after use. For those with conditions at home, you bridge cutting machine can use air conditioners and dehumidifiers to dehumidify the home. deal with.

3. Choosing a stone protective agent is also a good way.

Applying a block cutting saw protective agent to cnc bridge saw the stone is like making a layer of the stone. With daily granite edge cutting machine care, our stone can achieve the same shiny stone bridge saw effect as before.

4. After mildew appears on the surface of the stone, it can also slab cutting machine price be cleaned with a stone cleaning agent.

First, first use clean water to moisten the surface of the stone; then, apply the stone cleaning agent to the surface of the stone, and the amount can be diluted according to the actual situation; finally, wait for the reaction time of 20 minutes and use a small brush to perform treatment on the more serious parts. Just clean it. When encountering dark marble with mold growth, heavy calcium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide supplement ointment can also be used to clean it.

In this way, our stone will become more and more healthy, and our home will become more and more beautiful!