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Experience in cutting rock slabs

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Before cutting, check the cutting machine, especially in the following aspects:

1. Cutting tools should stone cutting machine be suitable for rock slab products and have good performance. The workbench of the machine marble cutter must be clean, durable, solid and undamaged. The workbench of the machine must be completely level.

2. There must be no previously processed waste on the workbench of the machine, and everything on the surface is normal. Therefore, it is hand cutting machine recommended that before cutting processing, processing operators take samples for actual testing and actual adjustments to marble cutting machine achieve the best results.

3. If you are not satisfied with the cutting effect, or the rock slab is cracked during the cutting process, it may be due to the feed marble polishing machine speed, operating pressure, improper speed of the props, uneven cutting table surface, or the rock slab during cutting. Caused by movement or vibration, improper cutting tools, etc.

4. After finishing the processing, please pay attention when handling the rock slab, especially if there is an opening or perforation in the bridge saw middle of the rock slab. Use multiple cups of suction cups to avoid direct lifting on both ends of the sheet to avoid bending of the finished product. Manual vertical movement and laser cutting machine price in india handling must be carried out carefully to avoid twisting and breaking.

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