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What are the popular stone types on the market

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1. Marble

Generally, the physical properties of marble are relatively soft, and the marble is very beautiful after polishing. In the interior bridge cutting machine granite decoration, TV countertops, window sills, indoor floors, etc. are multi blade cutting machine suitable for use of marble.


A marble is one of the most common granite block cutter decoration stones. It is made from rocks in the earth's crust through high temperature and high pressure. Its main ingredient is calcium carbonate, which accounts for 50%. Marble is natural and quarry stone block cutting machine simple, with fine texture, bright and diverse colors, and strong moldability. It can carry out various grinding, polishing, and crystallization treatments, and has high wear resistance, with a service life of up to 50 years.

2. Granite

Granite is a kind of tectonic rock formed by volcanic erupting lava in a molten state under considerable pressure and uplifting to the surface of the earth's crust. The magma does not spray out of the ground but is slowly cooled and granite block cutting machine price solidified under the ground. It is a kind of deep formation. The acidic igneous rock belongs to magmatic rock (igneous rock). Granite is mainly composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica. The content of feldspar is 40% to 60%, and the content of quartz is 20% to 40%. The color depends on the type and quantity of the components. Granite is a rock with a fully crystalline structure. High-quality granite has fine and uniform crystal grains, compact hydraulic block cutter structure, high quartz content, and bright feldspar luster.