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Countertop cracking of quartz stone and its causes

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1. The center of the countertop is cracked, etc.: subject to high temperature, external force impact, uneven diamond cutting machine cabinets or pads, internal damage to the board, etc.

2. Cracks in the corners: Leaning against the wall too tightly without leaving shrinkage joints, the two cabinets are uneven or not leveled, impacted by external forces or temperature changes, and the tabletops are cracked due to uneven shrinkage.

3. Cracks around the above counter basin: there is no gap between the above counter basin and the basin hole, the basin hole is not slab cutter polished and smooth, and the table surface is cracked due to uneven contraction due to external impact or tiles cutting machine price temperature changes.

4. Cracking around the furnace hole: There is no gap slab milling between the gas stove and the furnace hole, the furnace hole is not polished and smooth, and the table surface is not uniformly shrunk due to external impact or temperature changes.

5. Cracking of the rear water barrier: the cabinet is not granite saw flat or the backing board is not leveled.

6. Cracks on the connecting surface of the rear granite polishing machine water retaining edge: the glue is not firmly bonded.

7. Cracking at the seam of the countertop: When the installation worker is splicing the seam, the seam is not aligned, the glue is not evenly applied, or slab cutting machine the curing agent is added to the glue or an excessive amount of avoiding agent makes the seam brittle and cracks when it is slightly impacted during use.

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