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Common stone diseases

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1. Rust phenomenon

Many stone products, especially granite, contain certain iron components. When these iron components are in full contact marble cutter with oxygen, an oxidation reaction will occur to form iron oxide, which is what we call rust spots. Rust spots need to be dealt with in time. Rust spots are mainly treated with rust removers. However, since rust removers are mostly acidic, the stone that is not acid resistant, such marble polishing machine as marble and dolomite, should be tested before use, and water should be added if necessary.

2. Water spot phenomenon

Water spots refer to the presence of wet marks or traces similar to wet marks on the veneer. The main reason is that water penetrates into the stone. The bridge saw evaporation of water and chemical reactions cause the alkali salt inside the stone to absorb water and remain in the stone. Blind hole. The treatment of water spots is stone saw mainly uses penetrating dyes to change the color of the original stone. The stone can be waterproofed by injecting resin to prevent water spots by blocking the water in the air from contacting the stone.

3. Baihua phenomenon

The phenomenon of Baihua is slab cutting machine commonly known as tearing. In fact, there are problems in the sealing of the stone joints, resulting in the phenomenon of white powder or hanging flow on the surface of the stone or the caulking. To stone polishing machine deal with the phenomenon of bleaching, it is mainly to rinse the surface of the stone that has been cleaned with water until it reaches neutrality, and then cure the surface and circle cutting machine joints of the stone after it is dried in the shade. It can be prices of automatic granite cutting machines prevented by using a penetrating protective agent to protect multi slab cutter the stone from six sides after the stone is processed.