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Stone maintenance and polishing

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1. After the stone is put into use, it will be affected by various torch cutting machine factors in the environment, and problems such as pollution, scratches, and loss of light will marble cutting saw inevitably occur. Therefore, regular maintenance is required during use. The maintenance content covers a wide range, including cleaning, repair, replacement, protection, and polishing.

Stone is a material with a porous structure, and dust and pollutants can stay in its pores. Therefore, the floor scrubber and cleaning fluid are used regularly to clean the floor in-depth, which can remove dust and pollutants in time and keep the stone tidy. Pushing dust is also a necessary way to keep it clean. The function cnc marble cutting machine of pushing dust is not to clean up pollution, but to absorb floating dust and small particles to prevent the continuous accumulation of these substances.

If the stone is damaged and the surface gloss disappears, it needs to be polished. At present, the crystal surface treatment of stone is the bosch marble cutting machine most ideal polishing and curing method, and the crystal surface treatment does not change the structure and texture of the stone. After the crystal face treatment, the stone face molecules are denser, the gloss and brightness are obviously improved, and the stone face is makita marble cutting machine brighter and nobler. The two most common ways of crystal surface treatment are stone polishing and stone waxing thin marble and polishing.