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What to pay attention to when chamfering thick plates

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(1) Process: Positioning of the measuring scale-adjusting cutting machine the angle of the blade cutting at a constant tile cutting machine speed-polishing with saw cutter steel brush-polishing after fitting

(2) Key points:

1. Tools: construction console, electric drill, hand cutter, tape measure, woodworking pen

2. Advantages: high cutting stability, not easy to break, straight edge

(1) Fix the guide rail to the designated size position and adjust the angle of the cutting machine;

(2) A thickness of about 2mm should be reserved for the 45-degree cutting entry angle, otherwise, it is easy to cause chipping cutting granite and breakage, and a slow knife is required to cut in when pushing;

(3) When cutting, pay attention to observe stone cutting machine whether the cutting surface is consistent. If there is any deviation, stop the marble cutter cutting machine and make fine adjustments;

(4) After the cutting is completed, the polishing plate hand cutting machine should be polished, so that the cut surface is marble cutting machine smooth and smooth, and the beautiful effect is achieved.