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What to pay attention to when opening a square hole in a thick plate

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(1) Process: Measuring stone polishing machine scale positioning-four-corner opening-X-cutting-four-side cutting-polishing.

(2) Key points:

1. Tools: construction console, electric drill, hand cutter, tape measure, diamond cutting machine woodworking pen.

2. Advantages: high cutting stability, not easy to break, straight edge.

(1) Make the right angles of the square slab cutter holes rounded so that the corners are not easy to crack during the cutting process and later use;

(2) Because the tensile force of cement or stone machine adhesive can make the rock slab bear greater tension, it is not easy to crack than the method of directly drilling small round holes in the four corners tiles cutting machine price and then opening holes.

(3) It has a wide range of use and can cut square holes of any size;

(4) The rock slab above 2.4 meters is thin. To prevent cracking, it is also possible to cut and open holes after slab milling anti-cracking treatment on the granite polishing machine four sides of the hole.