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Causes and prevention measures of natural defects of stone

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Causes: granite paving is not prone to problems. Most of the problems are marble: generally, there are many natural defects, such as cracks, sand holes, looseness, and intercalation.

If repairs and fillings are not carried out in advance, they are directly laid on the ground. Once they are damp and contaminated, lesions and diamond cutting machine damage will occur first in the defective parts and will be extended accordingly.

The more high-grade marble is, the more likely it is to be damaged and cracked: such as Saanna Beige, Spanish Beige, New Si Beige, Golden Line Beige, Silver Line Beige, and other precious stones are most likely to crack during the granite polishing machine paving process, so the installation process requires to take special care to protect it and do not install it by force.


1. In the selection granite slab cutting machine of floor marble materials, we must give Party A correct opinions based on the characteristics of the stone. Stones with softer stone materials such as wood-grain stone, and stones with more cracks such as golden century block cutting machine beige are not suitable. Selected for ground stone use.

2. Before paving the stone, check the surface of the board and find that there are hidden cracks, pinched, and other hidden quality stones that should be removed.

3. In the construction of large-area ground stone, it is best to leave a 1~2mm natural seam between the slabs, and do not fully lay the seam to prevent the stone from bulging and cracking due to temperature difference and water pressure inside the cnc bridge saw stone in the future.