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The hazards caused by stone cracking

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1. Dark crack → open crack → fracture → broken

Many stone materials, such as Saanna Beige, will cause a large number of dark cracks if they are not laid correctly, even if they are grinder machine not broken. Dark fission changes to open cracks, and open fission breaks, eventually causing stone fragmentation, and the problem will become more and polishing machine more serious.

2. Follow-up questions

The Rebate, hide dirt

The cracks and dark cracks of the polished pebble stone will cause water back and form a large number of black seams, which will cause serious look and feel problems.

Back alkali

Cracks will form a channel between the bottom and surface layers of the stone. The water in the surface layer will seep downwards, and the alkaline substances in the floor polishing machine bottom cement will precipitate upwards, causing the phenomenon of back alkali, which is extremely difficult to granite cutting machine cure.