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Repair of dark cracks in slab dry pattern

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The rich and changeable texture of marble not only increases the charm of the board but also hides a large number of dry patterns and dark cracks. The treatment of dark cracks is a key factor related to the effect tile cutting machine of the later plate.

The static display space where the slab is located is very dry, and the wind and sun have little effect on it, so it looks very cutting granite good.

At present, the dark cracks of these dry lines are mostly treated with instant adhesive, and the product cures quickly and has a low viscosity. Although the problem of water lines in the dark cracks of the dry lines is solved, it has not been hand cutting machine completely filled. In the overall grinding process slab cutting machine of the large plate, the Medium diamond cutting machine loss is large.

At the same time, the back is treated with waterproof adhesive. This product has a high viscosity and no permeability, and it has no function to fill the dark cracks on the back. The dark cracks on the back are completely open. The granite polishing machine dark cracks of the board are the first to be dry after the damp. There is a lesson.