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Protection of specification board

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The large slabs processed by the above process will be processed into specification boards by secondary processing. In practical applications, they bridge cutting machine granite will encounter various conditions, such as washing, sprinkling, touching, etc., which will cause the disease of the stone. The factory will not do other processing on the back of the specification board before leaving the factory (the large board has been made of waterproof adhesive), and the front and four sides block cutting machine will be protected.

The choice of protective agent is very important, and the protective agent with targeted functions should be selected according to the later application environment and paving method of the board. At the same time, it is necessary to choose a protective agent with good permeability, because after the processed specifications granite block cutter board is delivered to the site for paving, the overall grinding treatment is required. If the permeability is insufficient, the overall grinding will cause a great reduction in consumption. This is multi blade cutter why the anti-fouling test results for the specifications board that has just arrived on site, and is a mess if it is done after grinding.