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Problems encountered in paving stone on site

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Frequently encountered problems in on-site paving are mostly dry hanging on the wall and the appearance of oil-permeable lesions on the glued stone. This actually has a lot to do with the selected structural adhesive. General waterproofing agents only have a waterproof function and have no protective effect grinding and polishing machine on the solvents in the structural adhesive.

In addition, some of the side grooves opened on-site are not even repaired with a waterproofing agent, which will definitely portable marble polishing machine cause oil penetration, and the higher the construction environment temperature, the faster it will appear.

Simply repainting the waterproofing agent has little protection effect. Repainting the oil-repellent protective agent will affect the binding force of the structural glue and the stone and will leave hidden dangers. It is best to use ceramic polishing machine solvent-free two-component epoxy structural adhesive for stress diamond polishing pads for marble bonding.