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Talking about several cutting corners of stone special-shaped products

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Stone special-shaped products include lines, arc plates, cylindrical seats, cylindrical heads, square pillar seats, square pillar heads, door covers, etc. Most of these products must be installed with corners, otherwise they cannot be installed at the interface or cannot be connected at all. The installation effect is also very poor. These products can be installed perfectly by cutting the corners to achieve good results。Infrared Bridge Cutter。Line chamfering is the most common form of chamfering. The corners of the wall can be connected smoothly through the chamfered lines, past the corners of the wall.Full-automatic Cutting Machine.The application of door covers in architectural decoration is extremely wide, and the cut corners of stone products account for a large proportion of door covers. If the door cover does not cut corners, it cannot be connected at the corners.

The door cover of Fig. 4 must be cut at 45° at the left and right ends of the upper part, and the direction of the cut corners at the left and right ends are different.Curbstone Cutting Machine Line。