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Stone carving, originality, presenting the aesthetics of craftsmanship

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Draw a block diagram and a detailed diagram of the node diagram according to the construction drawing, the measured wall and column facing size and shape, and the width of the joint between the veneer panels specified in the design, and determine the size, quantity, installation sequence number and processing of the board Requirements, etc., as the basis for processing orders and installation.infraed bridge cutter
Automatic line Polishing MachineThe material selection work is mainly to check and recheck the geometric dimensions of the required plates against the large-scale construction drawings, and classify them according to the size of the error, check the defects of the polished surface of the plates, and classify them according to the texture and color.
The defective plates should be used in smaller sizes or installed in inconspicuous places. The selection of materials must be carried out block by block, and those with broken, discolored, partial defects or missing edges and corners shall be stacked separately. Cracked plates can be bonded with epoxy resin adhesive.Bridge Block Cutter
Before installing the granite slab, careful treatment of the walls, columns and other substrates is the key to preventing hollowing and falling off of the decorative panel after installation. The substrate should have sufficient stability and rigidity. The surface of the substrate should be flat and smooth. For the brick wall surface, the protruding mortar joints should be cleaned up to make them concave joints, and the wall holes should be repaired.Manual Polishing Machine

For concrete walls and columns, gouge treatment or paint concrete interface agent to enhance the bonding strength of the mortar. Residual mortar, dust and oil stains on the surface of the substrate should be cleaned with a wire brush and rinsed with water. Check whether the specifications, quantity and layout of the metal embedded parts are equal to the construction drawings, and if any errors are found, they should be dealt with in time.Stone Splitting Machine