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How to groove the arc-shaped short groove of the stone curtain wall groove connection

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This is the only stratum in Fujian Province that has not subsided, with a history of 2.6 billion years. In the red soil, it does not contain iron, and can withstand long-term wind and sun without changing color or spitting out yellow. The unique blue-gray is precious and elegant, and it is destined to be unable to erase the colorful posture. Used as architectural finish, it looks like new for a century, low-key and luxurious. ——It is sapphire granite. Chamfering Machine

Based on the long-term development goal, Fujian Dashan Stone Industry deeply implements the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", insists on starting from the source of stone, has many high-quality mine resources such as sapphire, and makes scientific planning for mining resources. , Green mining, comprehensive utilization, the first to introduce international advanced mining technology and environmental protection and energy-saving equipment to ensure the high quality and high yield rate of stone blocks, leading the healthy development of the stone industry. Curbstone scling Machine

Over the years of continuous innovation and innovation, the company has accumulated rich experience. It has advanced stone processing machinery and equipment, first-class technology, rich processing experience, complete sales system, and professional and technical personnel who love their jobs and strive for excellence. A large-scale stone enterprise integrating mining, processing and sales.Stonecuttingmachine.Stone Spiltting Machine