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Prevention of "freezing and thawing" of stone

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Regarding the freezing and thawing phenomenon, no matter what stone protection method is, its source is the stone cutter main factor of freezing and thawing-water. We can prevent freezing and thawing as long as we prevent water from entering the stone. Therefore, for the freezing and thawing phenomenon of stone, it is marble edge cutting machine necessary to take the method of pre-treatment, basically using stone curing agent to protect the stone.

After drying the stone, apply water repellent and other protective agents on the surface of the stone repeatedly and evenly. The purpose is to prevent bridge cutter moisture from entering the pores of the stone, which can completely prevent freezing and thawing.

The reason why stone protection is important is to make the stone healthier and to reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of stone disease. Environmental factors are inevitable, but we can artificially protect the polishing machine line stone. Freezing and thawing of stone is only one kind of stone problem, but stone protection can avoid many stone problems.