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The production process of stone countertops and the complete set of stone countertops, absolutely dry goods

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The products qualified in the previous process and the rough board with fixed thickness are rough-grinded with a grinder. At present, the grinders are mainly hand-held grinders and multi-head continuous grinding and polishing machines. After the wool board is dry, check the surface of the board. The surface of the board is good and can be finely ground directly. If the quality of the board is found to be unsatisfactory, you can brush the surface of the wool board and apply a layer of resin glue to The small holes, small cracks, chicken feet pattern and other defects on the wool board can be repaired, and the surface of the wool board can be better and the glossiness higher. Profiling Machine,Block Edge cutting machine

In good weather, the resin usually dries in more than half an hour. If the weather is bad, it will take 1-2 hours to dry. It is best to wait for it to dry before performing fine grinding. In some factories, the wool board is washed and inspected without rough grinding, and then the wool board is directly applied with glue if there is a problem. Usually granite is brushed less and marble is brushed more.

Polishing is to polish the smooth surface of the entire countertop. After polishing, the gloss is required to be above 90°. At the same time, the surface has a mirror gloss, no bumps, no wavy lines, and the straightness of the junction is kept in a straight line. , The glossiness of the countertop and the top of the washbasin should also be the same as that of the sky. It is usually done with a hand grinder. If the effect is good, a large grinder can be used.Manual Edge cutting Machine,Flaming Machine,