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The reason for the freeze-thaw formation of stone

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The main reason for the freezing and thawing of stone is because of a source - water. When the capillary pores of the stone absorb the corresponding water, the water in the stone will start to freeze tile cutting machine once the temperature drops below 0°C.

Generally speaking, matter obeys the law of "heat expansion and cold contraction", while water is just the opposite. The density of water is the largest at 4°C, and the water molecules are fluid and operate independently. When the temperature of the water is lowered from 4°C to 0°C, the water diamond cutting machine molecules in the ice are arranged in a three-dimensional pattern in an unusually loose form. This structural form actually leaves many "holes" and the density decreases. Experiments have shown that when 1 cubic granite saw meter of water freezes, its volume increases to 1.11 cubic meters.

Therefore, when the water enters the pores or gaps of the natural stone, it freezes and freezes, and the volume increases, thereby expanding the pores or gaps of the natural stone. Then, the natural stone absorbs more water, and the pores or gaps are further enlarged such a vicious circle, which granite polishing machine eventually led to the fragmentation of natural stone.